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A.P.S. Chapter No. 268


With membership open to everyone, programs of interest to all collectors, from novices to experts, are presented monthly for your information and pleasure.



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MEETING FORMAT: Until the meeting is called to order at 6:30 PM, there is plenty of time for informal discussion with the other members. After a short session to act on new or old business, the monthly 50-50 drawing is held and the evening’s program is presented.

SPEAKERS: As often as possible, well-known philatelists and dealers are invited to speak on their specialties. Club members often give talks concerning their collecting interests.

PROGRAMS FROM A.P.S.: As the club is an A.P.S. chapter, we have the availability of a wide selection of slide and DVD programs from the Society’s library.

AUCTIONS: An annual auction of members’ lots constitutes the November meeting. The clubs claim a small commission on sales to support their activities. Mini-auctions are held at irregular intervals.

EXHIBITING: The Brandywine Valley Stamp Club sponsors

DELPEX, an annual stamp show and bourse with 20 dealers, a 400+ lot bid-board, door prizes, exhibits, and a USPS substation.

WEB SITE: A new feature for the club is creating a website to serve members and others seeking current information about the club, its activities, and meeting notices. The site also provides information about our DELPEX show.
Visit the site at:

NEWSLETTER: Notice of each meeting is e-mailed or snail-mailed to every active member about a week beforehand. It contains information about forthcoming and previous meetings, current philatelic news, area philatelic events, and new stamp issues. When scheduled, auction lot lists are enclosed.

DUES: The current dues for membership are set at $15.00 per annum, the club’s fiscal year being the calendar year. New memberships are prorated throughout the year. Family and youth memberships are also available.

OTHER FEATURES: Our April meeting is an evening out for dinner at a local restaurant, with entertainment provided by the members.

At the June meeting, we start with our traditional “Strawberry Festival” and fresh chilled strawberries and ice cream are served to all present before the regular program. In December, the program is usually a quiz on philatelic and other information, with prizes for the winning team.

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